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23 June 2006 @ 12:23 am
A Special Break.  
Even though we haven't been on the scene long, let's take a quick break from the video-game store and focus on something new. Something special. Something that brings the world together -- The World Cup. Fifa 2006, Germany. Oh, yes.

Let's commemorate this special day -- yes, I picked tonight specifically -- by saying a prayer for the Socceroos; "Be the pwnzorz, Australia." I mean, tonight (or, well, Friday morning) is when Australia will beat Croatia (or so I hope). It's going to be special.

Let's see. Australia hasn't been on the scene in 32 years. 32. I think, anyway. I should try and remember numbers more. How amazing is that? Aside from that, though, Australia has not scored a goal in the World Cup, period. And then we scored 3 this year, all in under 10 minutes. Pwned, but good game, Japan. You just need more stamina.

Socceroos, I know you can beat Croatia. And yes, the Socceroos are indeed a real animal. Viduka, you can play well again. Kewell and Cahill, you can be the saviours of this team. Neill, Moore, Emerton? Be the pwnzorz.

But anyway. Let me throw something related to the video-game store in, just to get things back on track.

A "gangster" walked into the store today. I mean "gangster" as in chains (or so lovingly dubbed, "bling"), baggy clothing, beanie, tattoos, rings. I mean, the hell? This guy was about 20 something, so it made it all the more funnier. He was a little mean-lookin', though, and pretty buff. Mean-lookin' as in "I'll bash your face in if you even look at me funny"-mean-lookin' at that.

I figured he'd just be browsing, so I continued to stand there sorting out some disks and finding some games for the laybys on hand. He was looking at the figurines we had. No biggie.


He suddenly called me over. Aw, crap. I put the disks down, walked over, and smiled.

"How can I help you, sir?"

Polite, polite, polite, even to gangsters. I really wanted to say, "Wassup, yo?" Yep. Anyway, he nodded to the models in the display case.

"These figurines. They for sale?"

I'd make a smart comment about that, but it's a question I get all the time. I've asked that before, too. Damn.

"Yes, they are, sir."
"Alright, alright. How much are they?"

I hate recounting the figurine/model prices. It's actually pretty difficult remembering how much each of them are. We have a lot of those things.

"Well, it depends on which ones you're interested in. Are there any in particular?"

I kept smiling. He kept thinking.

"... Well, do you have any Sailor Moon ones?"


I did not look at him funny. Repeat: I did not. After all, I had mentioned that he was an "I'll bash your face in if you even look at me funny"-mean-lookin' person, right? I did not look at him funny. At all.

I really hope those would've been for his girlfriend, or his sister or something - I mean, it's a nice thought, and it's better to assume that than to get beaten up to a bloody pulp.

He didn't buy them, though.
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