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18 July 2006 @ 07:47 pm
What do you people want from me?  
Ahh. A breath of fresh air. Life. Yes. I swear I'm around. Not working as much as I used to, but around. But who cares about that? During the various times I've worked this month, I've had plenty of strange customers. Strange being, possibly, annoying or outrageous. Anyway.

It's been pretty damn cold lately, so I've been turning up at work a little later than usual. It's really hard to get out of bed on cold mornings, and my attitude is not the greatest when my phalanges (read: fingers) aren't working too well.

I rock up at work, positively negative and frowning a little. I'm opening the store today, and I'm already a little late for opening. Doesn't matter. I proceed with the usual opening routine; flipping switches, moving sale boxes out, rearranging some misplaced games, vaccuuming...

So the shop gets opened. The day proceeds excellently with smart customers or casual, friendly customers until about afternoon, in which my shift is almost over. I see a large lady and her son (or so I assume) walk into the store, looking around. I smile at them, but don't mind them too much. I'm busy sorting out some catalogues, dammit. After about 5 minutes or so, the lady approaches me. I smile.

"Hello. How much is your PS2 Sims 2 on sale?"

Oh damn. You couldn't find the game? Eh. That happens.

"Ah, I'll just have a quick look for you, ma'am."

I open up the stock database, quickly looking up "The Sims 2". Snap. The normal price is still on it - $84.95. I hazard a guess.

"It was $84.95, so on sale it's probably $59 or $69 now. Would you like me to find the game for you and make sure?"


"Actually, I've got the box here, and it says $49."

... What? ... Bloody oath. I guess it's $49 then, ain't it?

"Ah. I guess it's $49 then, isn't it?"
"Yes. And what are you going to do about it?"

... Huh? Okay, first you ask me what the price of a game is when you're holding the BOX with the PRICE TAG on it, and now you're asking me what I'm going to do about it?? What do you want me to do about it? Is it cheaper somewhere else? Do you only have $40? Would you like me to price match it? Are you stupid? I'm thinking of going with the latter.

"... Did you want me to price match it?"

... Uhkay.

"Then is there anything the matter with the price?"

... Uhhhhkay.

"... So how may I help you, ma'am?"

... The lady gestures in an impatient motion, as if I'm not understanding. Yeah. Okay. I guess I don't understand.


I won't.

"Okay. Have a nice day, then!" Fake smile, as she leaves.

What do you people want from me??
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