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09 July 2008 @ 03:47 pm
Elderly Women  
I guess you could say I've been pretty busy lately. I guess you could also say I forgot about this place for a little while. Both would be facts. Despite these two conundrums, however, I still, unfortunately, work at this lovely videogame store. Yes. Still. Well, a student has to do something to survive, right?

I figure I'd add some spice back into this place and see how long I can keep up, now that I've got more free time. For any comments left that I never replied to: I apologize. But replying after a two year freakin' delay is pushing it, eh?

Anyway. Bear with me, here. It's been a while, but here goes nothing.

Now that a lot of anime has been dubbed faster, it's actually not so bad answering queries about anime, and business has been quick as to gashapon figures and the like. It's made my job a lot easier since I don't get a lot of, "excuse me, what's that (half-naked) lady there from?"

... Ahem. I also get less awkward moments where a little girl will point at the figures of Kakashi and Naruto; in which Kakashi is about to kancho Naruto. "Why is he about to poke the guy in the butt?" ... Sigh. Innocent little four-year-old girl, retain your innocence and just... settle with the Doraemon stuff, okay? Not that she'd probably know what Doraemon was in the year 2008, but I digress.

Today in particular had been a quiet day, and I was willing to socialize with any pleasant customer I could come upon. When an elderly woman came walking in, I thought that she might require my assistance. She was a frail looking old woman, but she had a stern face.

"Excuse me, can I help you with anything?"

Ah, me, being ever-polite. Such a trooper.

"Yes you could, actually. I was just wondering..."

She paused for a while, as if she had forgotten what she was saying. I think she probably did. After a few seconds, I figured a small prompt wouldn't hurt matters.

"You were wondering...?"
"Where are your PS3 games?"

I lead her to the shelves with all the latest PS3 games, as well as a few of the older ones.

"Here they are, ma'am."
"Oh, I see..."
"Is there anything else I can help you with?"
"Stay there for a moment, will you?"

... Uhkay, sure. Not that I don't have any other customers walking around looking at games, but what the hell. She's an old woman, I don't mind. She was giving the games on the shelves a very scrutinizing look, so I decided to offer a little more help. Maybe I'm being annoying at this stage; I really have no idea. I've worked this job too long to remember a customer's viewpoint.

"Is there a particular game you're looking for?"
"Your selection of PS3 games is very small."

Ouch. What? For your information, lady, there aren't that many PS3 games out... especially in the freakin' PAL region. And we've stocked all the releases so far. I cringe a little, but at the same time, I can feel myself getting a little annoyed.

"It might seem like that, but the PS3 doesn't have many games released for it yet. Not as many as say, the Xbox or the PS2..."
"But the PS3 is better than the PS2! It should have more games, shouldn't it!?"

Oh, if only it worked that way. At this point she began raising her voice, and I didn't even know where to begin explaining this. On one hand, I didn't even want to attempt to explain it, but hey, I was working the job. I had no choice.

"Well, the PS3 hasn't been out as long as the PS2--"
"-- I'm not happy with this selection of games!"

She began turning her little trolley thing around to leave the store, brushing me and our PS3 game selection off completely. I'm stunned. No one's ever done that to me before, let alone an elderly woman... okay, no, I'm lying. I've been shunned by customers who try to price-match games with me like I'm a moron. But still -- never by an elderly woman. I blink.

"If there was a particular game you were looking for, I'm sure we'd have it."
"No, no, no. Your selection is too small! I'm leaving!"

... Okay, dammit. Selection of what? Of almost all the PS3 games released in the PAL region? Our selection of games that probably have the title you're looking for? Wait, what are you looking for? Do you even know? Not to be rude, but can you even see the games on the shelf? Are you even sure you're after PS3 games? At this point, the other customers are looking at me as if they're expecting me to say something as the old woman's leaving. Maybe they were expecting some witty joke. I doubt it, but I muster up something to break the awkward silence, anyway.

"Uhhh, I guess we must've sold out of what she wanted or something..."

The customers seemed satisfied enough with that, and they returned to the back covers of their games.
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