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20 June 2006 @ 06:42 am
How can I help you?  
"How can I help you?" That's a line you hear everyday from a shop assistant, and it's meaning kinda' wears off on you after a while, doesn't it? Sometimes, you just don't even answer, shake your head or just keep walking and looking for the object of your desire. I can tell you this; while I don't mind saying those words, I am so sick of hearing them come outta' my mouth.

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a shop-assistant. Counter-person. Slave. Retailer. Whatever you want to call me. I work at a video-game store.

I know that when I was growing up, working at a video-game store was on my top priority list. Not that I had a top priority list when I was 4, but, working at a video-game store was much desired. My friends wanted to work at a video-game store, too. Oh, how exciting it would be -- keeping track of all the new games, getting to test-play new titles, demo discs, free consoles & games. The prospect of working at a video-game store was amazing, and it was one of those things I had hoped to achieve at least once in my life. Sad, huh? 'Cause working at a video-game store isn't like what I had imagined; it wasn't all it was hyped up to be back then. I learned the hard truth and cold reality of it all by myself.

When I put in an application to work at a video-game store, I was immediately accepted. Why? Well, considering the shop was just opening down at the newly renovated ex-crappy shopping centre, it had slim chances of getting heard of fast. I guess you could say I've been part of this shop since it's opened -- cool, huh? When I got work there, I was really excited. I mean, this work place was cool. It had this huge screen that the manager would play DVDs and video games on, and the manager was totally laid-back. He let me use instant messaging services at work, let me play video games when the place was really empty, surf the internet. This was really my dream job... for the first few months, anyway.

My dream job's ethereal, heavenly allure was destroyed when I encountered customers. Well, customers would be putting it too broadly. I mean, I love customers. I'm talking about customers that really take up time with a retailer. Customers that make other people wait in line for minutes on end (precious minutes), asking stupid questions or trying to make weird deals. Really shitty, pain-in-the-ass customers.

Here. I'll tell you all about it.

Stick with me, now.