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20 June 2006 @ 08:27 am
We have contact.  
And so, this is it. VGS-Life is up and running with a crappy layout and no user-pic. But hey, we're here for the writing, aren't we? Thought so. You all ready? Yes - I'm talking to you, my invisible friends. Was that a "yeah"? Knew it.

Let's jump straight into the action.

Cold, blistering morning (I love setting a scene). I've just awoken from a night of watching watching Brazil VS Australia (which I am thoroughly upset about, considering Australia lost 2-0. Viduka played excellently and Kewell had many shots -- but now I'm rambling), and I'm not in the best of moods. I've had 5 hours of sleep, and I'm standing there at work, fingers too numb and lacking dexterity to play any video games, mind too fuzy to focus on any movies or anime. The trailer disk is just playing on repeat on the big screen. I can't even pay attention to what trailer's on; in my head, I'm reliving all those chances Kewell got at the Brazillian goals. At the open Brazillian goals. Damn you and your skills, Dida.

"Excuse me?"

I'm knocked out of my reverie -- presumably by a customer. I quickly put on my best early-morning smile and apologize for my lack of attention.

"Sorry about that. How can I help you?"

My bleary eyes finally focus on the customer I'm talking to. I usually don't judge by appearances (hah!), but this morning, I'm cranky. The fact that this lady is a little big (weight is not an issue with me. If you're nice, you're nice) and cranky-looking is a little off-putting as well. Hey, maybe she's just upset about the Socceroos, too.

"Got Blood Money?"

Got manners?

"Of course. What platform, ma'am?"
"X-box. Can't stand no PS2 Slimline, they break too easily."

Reminder to self: the customer is always right.

"PS2s have been a little more fragile ever since they've come out in Slimline." I grab a copy off Hitman: Blood Money off the shelf for the lady. "Here you go, ma'am. The game's brand new, and it's $84.95. If you find it anywhere cheaper, we can price match it and maybe even beat it, depending."

I go through the standard lines. Probably shouldn't have this morning, though. I think I pressed some button on the lady. Her eyes widened.

"You price match? Hah! So if I see it anywhere cheaper, you can give me the same price as them, maybe better?"

That's the general idea of price-matching. I don't know where I went wrong in explaining it.

"That's right, ma'am."
"So say I saw it at Target for $39.95. You'd price match it?"

Was that a general question about price-matching or was she asking about price matching this brand new game? I assume that was a general question. Nobody could think I was that stupid.

"Yes, that's about it."

Or so I had thought. I began to lose faith in humanity.

"I saw this game for $39.95 at Target."

... Noooooo, you didn't. I can guarantee that for a fact, even if the game was on sale -- it's brand new!

"That's a little outrageous for us to match, sorry. For price matches that low, we'll require proof from a catalogue or the like."

There. That was a reasonably calm answer.

"Oh... Right then, I saw this game for $59.95 at E/B."

... Wha? You can't be serious. E/B might be having a 50% sale on some stuff, but not on new games, no sirree. Another guarantee right there, considering some other customers had bought Hitman: Blood Money from our store the other day.

"... E/B is 4 stores down, and they have catalogues. We can beat it if you bring a catalogue back and show us the price."

... or you could just go to E/B, 'cause they'd kinda' be making a loss with that price -- and really, we don't mind!

"Hm. How about this? I saw it at Dick Smith's for $69.95."

You can't be serious. You can't. I'm not THAT stupid.

"Ma'am... I really don't think I can give you a price match on this game."
"Why not?!"

Do I really have to answer that? Deep down inside, I groan. It's too early for this, dammit.

"Our store just can't match with those prices. I'll have to recommend that you visit Target and buy it from them, since they have it for $39.95."
"... Fine."

I watch the lady stomp off with her purse, putting the game on the nearest shelf -- the PSP shelf. Good for her. She's gonna' get an amazing deal. Glad that that's over with, I went over to pluck the game off the PSP shelf and placed it back in the PS2 "NEW RELEASES" section. I returned to my place behind the counter.

I had so much work to do, and so little motivation... The Socceroos, they... I started getting myself in the right mindframe. I would not slack today! I'd work! No playing games! No watching movies! No moping about that Brazil-Australia match! I'd rearrange and clean the shelves, vacuum before we closed up, be a generally helpful shop assistant...!

... Guh. That sounded like too much work. Continuing to stand there, bored out of my mind, I watched customers go in and out... And lo and behold, the lady from before came in, and it had only been ten minutes. But I had been expecting her, anyway. She stomped up to the counter, and gave me a scowl.

"I'll take the game."

Knew it.

"Their sale ended?"

I couldn't resist that as I went to get the game. Who could? The lady didn't reply to me, just got the money out in an extremely angry way, and slammed it on the counter.

The sales transaction was completed without any hiccups after that.

When she was gone, I laughed.
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keechkeech on June 8th, 2007 09:00 am (UTC)
Don't mean to be a bother, but where did you get Vortex Infinitum from? ....or are you just playing the game....