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Life at a Video-Game Store

[ VGS Life ] - Life at a Video-Game Store
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Working at a video-game store isn't all that it's made out to be. You've gotta' trust me on this one. I'll even give you a glimpse into the work here, if you don't believe me.

What Is This?

VGS-Life is a blog of customer interactions in a video-game store. Completely ridiculous scenarios (which are, sadly, true) have been listed and told here, and how work at retail is has been covered in a completely fun sense. VGS-Life has been created so that people from around the internet can enjoy the day-to-day events that occur working in a video-game store. It has been set up as a community because the owner of VGS-Life encourages people to join, comment, and even share stories (in comments) if they so please.

To put it simply, VGS-Life is VGS-Life. It's just there for people to enjoy when they're frustrated with their own job, and just feel like laughing at someone else.

Are There Any Rules?

Considering it's a one-man blog, there aren't many rules for VGS-Life. Readers are free to critisize me, the blogger, as they so please. Wanna' flame me? Go ahead! I'll probably get a kick outta' it or something -- if I'm getting flamed, it means someone's reading this, right?

1. The only rule here at VGS-Life is... don't flame other posters. Commenting in this community should be friendly, and if you're an asshole in your comments to another commenter, consequences will be dealt. I'm not kidding. You can flame me, just don't flame other people.

2. The other rule (so I guess I was lying when I said that was the only rule) is... well. Don't post discriminatory stuff here. No 18+ images, either. If I see anything of that kind...? Read above rule.

And that's it.

Read Me!

Hey. This blog in no way wants to discourage shopping at E/B or does it?, nor does it discourage working at a video-game store. This journal only documents interactions that a shop assistant encounters, and makes light of certain situations. This journal will never mention names, and it's made purely for entertainment purposes. Remember, don't listen to anything any jerk says about any job. There's always a bright side to a job, and there'll always be a dark side. Follow your dream! And now that the cheesy part is over...

Does that mean this stuff is fake? Aw, hell no! Read and enjoy, folks!